Writing Samples: Task2

TASK 2 Question - April 2018
Languages and Cultures
"Two-part" Questions

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic.

In today’s world of advanced science and technology, we still greatly value our artists such as musicians, painters and writers. What can art tell us about life that science and technology cannot?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words.

Model Essay

In this modern era of continual scientific and technological advancement, artists are still gaining a lot of respect from people the world over. There are a number of things about life that the arts can teach us that science and technology fail to.

Many forms of art, especially literature, can deliver messages about the appreciation of what we have in life as well as life itself. Hundreds of literary works depict misery, misfortune and sorrow that still exist in life today, and this sends a strong message to those who do not appreciate their lives. “The Goldfinch”, for example, which narrates a story about the miserable life of the main character after the unfortunate death of his mother makes us wonder whether we have become heartless toward our own loved ones. I doubt that there are any technologies in the world that could manage to convey such a powerful message.

Arts teach us to cherish the beauty of culture and is the fuel for our spiritual lives. This is extremely important in a world where science and technology seem to fade our belief in the gravity of culture in daily life. The connection between art and culture is boundless, and traditional music and ancient paintings can remind us of where we came from and who we are. That is to say, our cultural identity is preserved in various forms of art.

Although science and technology advance our understanding of all things and better our lives, arts can touch us to a much deeper extent, help us value what we have, and remind us of the significance of our culture. (269 words)


• Continual scientific and technological advancement
• To gain a lot of respect from somebody
• To deliver messages about the appreciation of something
• To cherish the beauty of culture
• The fuel for our spiritual lives
• The gravity of culture in daily life

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