Writing task 2 Brainstorm: Role of robots in future

Some people believe that robots will play an important role in future societies, while others argue that robots might have negative effects on society.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

First view (Positive effects):

  • do manual jobs quickly e.g. factory, packing
  • cheap labour, more productive, no breaks (jobs that are boring, difficult for people)
  • create free, extra time for people to spend doing what they want
  • make life easier, improve our quality of life

Second view (Negative effects):

  • become dependent on robots, we will lose skills e.g. cooking
  • less human interaction, lazy, health problems
  • unemployment will rise, people will be replaced by machines e.g. self-service, check-outs in supermarkets e.g. factory robots=fewer workers
  • can lead to bigger problems e.g. poverty, crime, etc.

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