Sample Responses to
January-April Speaking Questions - part 1

آرشیو نمونه پاسخ به سوالات اسپیکینگ part 1
1. Do you read news?

Of course I do. I often buy a daily newspaper on my way to work and then read it while have morning coffee to find out what is new.

2. How often do you read news?

Well, quite often, actually. It’s important for me to get updated information in order to be well-informed about what is going on in the area and in the world.

3. Do you usually read local news or international news?

Personally, I give my preference to reading local news because it lets me know what the situation is like in the area, which in turn helps me make right personal and business decisions.

4. Do you read news from newspaper or internet?

Well, I generally read news online because it is really easy to view the news just with a few clicks of a mouse and it doesn’t cost me anything.

5. Do you talk about news with your friends?

Oh yeah, we do. The news is vital for us because it lets us not be disconnected from life. It is much more than just facts or information, which have an impact on our everyday actions and decisions.

6. How important is it to you to get the news every day?

I think it is as important as having daily meals. People eat to live, but they live for what they believe. What's more, it is quite normal to receive fresh news every day.

7. Why do you want to know the latest news?

I don't want to feel alienated from society. I need to know what happened recently, at least the major or important things. So that I can have a discussion with my friends . Besides, learning the latest news might contribute to my study, like accumulating the materials for writing.

8. Do you often read newspapers?

No, I don't often read newspapers today. Since I had my own phone, I don't have to buy newspapers personally and search something funny on them. Normally, I just glance the daily news on the phone. Cheap and convenient.

9. How old were you when you first started to read newspapers?

Probably when I was in the third grade at primary school. I remember when I was little, my dad was very enthusiastic about teaching me how to read. And he would buy something nice for me if I learned well. So, I learned a bit faster and started to read newspapers early.

10. Are you very interested in the news?

There are different kinds of news around the world, but I mainly pay attention to those two, news about entertainment circle and news about politics, and I prefer the former type, the news for movies and the news for popular stars.

11. What sort of news are you most interested in?

It is definitely the news about English movies or dramas. I was really obsessed with the British culture. And even though, I have a job now and don't have so much time as before, I still stick to the routine that is watching movies and reading the related news.

12. What kinds of (types of) newspapers (or magazines) do you usually read?

I am not so keen about finance and economics, but I am fond of food and movies, so, in my spare time, I usually read something related to those two kinds.

13. Do you think it's important to read newspapers? (Why?/Why not?)

As far as I am concerned, news is important, but I do not necessarily to read newspapers. There are plenty of accesses to get new information, like videos or the articles on the Internet. So, I don't think it's important to read newspapers.

14. Why do (you think) people read newspapers?

One reason is for fun, you know, newspapers are not always about serious matters, people can also have fun by reading a piece of joke or doing puzzles. Another reason is keeping up with the current affairs, to learn what has happened in the world.

15. What different types of newspaper are there in Iran?

Mainly two kinds. One is about current affairs, the other is tabloids. But you can always get what you want through the Internet.

16. Do you care about the news?

It is the movies and dramas that consume and obsess me in most of the time, so I can say that I just care about the news I am interested in.

1. Which do you prefer, reading newspapers or magazines?

I would say I prefer newspapers. Newspapers in just ten or eight pages give you a glimpse of the entire world, including all the sections. From fashion to the general news to comics to sports to almost everything. In just one newspaper, you have access to the entire world.

Magazines. I like pictures, and I am a visual reader. Magazines are much more vivid and have many colorful pictures while newspapers are dry and dull, full of texts.

2. What type of stories do you like to read about?

I love reading autobiographies and non-fiction. Autobiographies because they give a glimpse of lifestyle of a very successful person. You get to know them when they were the mango people and what they did to become what they became.

3. Have you ever read a newspaper or magazine in a foreign language? [When/Why?]

Yes, all the time. I lived in another country for several years, so reading in a foreign language was a normal activity for me, not just newspapers and magazines, but all kinds of documents and literature. I still do it to maintain my reading skills.

4. Do you think reading a newspaper and magazine can help you learn a language?

Yes, but it depends on your language level. If you are just beginning to learn a language then it can be very difficult and frustrating – certainly not the best way to try and learn a foreign language.

5. Why do you think some people prefer magazines to newspapers?

I think the reason might be that magazines are more specific. So, for example if I am interested in reading about like sports, then a magazine will offer me better articles and more specific, to be concise. It also clutters all the things that one does not wants to read.

6. Which magazines and newspapers do you read (why)?

Answer A) I prefer reading magazines on travel. Being a travel host, it is very important for me to know about more places and understand them theoretically, before taking on my camera and team alongside. Travel magazine also help me to understand the perspective of the other person for a same place that I have also visited. Apart from it, I like fashion magazines as well. Not for the reasons of fashion, I find them good entertainer when one wants to just spend time idly.
Answer B) I only read magazines and newspapers if I’m waiting someplace and they are there, and there is no other alternative. Most of the time, I prefer doing something on my phone. But, either ways, I like to read sports magazine. Cars and their engines excite me for the most part. I mean, there are fantastic cars out there and in magazines, a perfect description is given. Newspapers, I rarely read. I prefer getting the news on either phone or television.

7. Do younger people or older people prefer to read magazines?

I think it depends on what kind of magazine. Young people like to read sports or fashion magazines, while older people may prefer business magazines.

8. Did you read magazines when you were young?

Not really. When I was young, I prefer comic books. The only magazine I read was for English learning. If I remember correctly,
It was called English Square.

9. What kinds of magazines are popular in your Country?

Well, as far as I know, literature, fashion and photography magazines are relatively popular. I often see people reading them on the trains or in bookstores.

1. How often do you do that?

Once or twice a week, usually on Friday. And sometimes I climb the mountain with my friends, chatting and laughing during the journey, which makes it less tiring.

2. Do you like outdoor activities?

Yes, I'm quite enthusiastic about outdoor activities, like running, climbing. Because going outside and having an exercise is a good way to keep fit after sitting down all day in the office.

3. How often do you do outdoor activities?

Normally, it is about once a week. I have to work from Saturday to Wednesday, and I need to indulge myself a little bit on Thursday, by having a good rest and watching videos that I like. So, it's only for Sunday I can do outdoor activities.

4. What outdoor sports do you like? (Why?)

I would say running and climbing, because I can just go outside whenever it suits me, and I don't have to prepare beforehand. But yes, weather is also something I need to consider.

5. What outdoor activities do you (most) like to do?

I'm not quite sure, because I haven't experienced all the outdoor activities. For now, I like climbing most. Because on the one hand I am exercising my body, on the other hand I am testing my will, you know, only those who have determination can reach the top. I quite enjoy challenging myself.

6. What do you do in your spare time?

It depends. When I am in an easy mood, I will watch movies or listen to music at home. But when I am restless, I will go outside and have a run.

7. How much time do you spend outdoors every week?

As a matter of fact, I haven' t thought about that before. But I can tell you that I walk home on the weekday, and that is about one hour, five hours a week altogether. And on weekends, I usually hang out with my friends for about two hours and another one hour for climbing, so in all, it' s about eight hours every week.

1. Do you think there are enough public gardens in your hometown?

In my hometown, yes, I think there are plenty of public gardens. Because it is not a very developed city and it relies on its specific landscape for developing the tourist industry and attracting visitors from all over the world.

2. Are public gardens very important in Iran?

Yes. Public gardens just like a heaven for those living in a metropolis, surrounded by many high-rise buildings. The cars, the crowds, the endless work, that is our hustle- bustle life, right? But with public gardens scattering us, we can go jogging after work to let off steam, so I think public gardens are very important in Iran.

3. Are there many public gardens in Iran?

I don' t think there are many public gardens in Iran. Because now, we are developing in a full speed, high buildings rise like mushrooms, for instance, supermarkets, factories, office buildings. Development is our priority, so we don' t have too much way for public gardens.

4. What do you think are the benefits of having gardens in the city?

Firstly, various kinds of plants in the garden provide citizens fresh air, which will fresh our minds and lift our spirits. Secondly, garden is not a bad choice when spending quality time with someone I like. I can talk about the events of the day and sharing joys and defeats while having a walk together. So, these are the advantages of having gardens in the city.

5. Why do people who live in cities like public gardens?

We live in a modern busy life today, dealing with work and personal affairs, we would feel the stress from time to time. However, we can walk, talk, exercise and let off our steam in the public gardens. So that's why the citizens like public gardens.

1. Do your prefer rainy days or sunny days?

Well, I really like sunny days because they are warm and bright, which pushes me to spend time outdoors doing all sorts of activities, and soaking up the sun really gives me a lot of energy and optimism

2. What do you do on rainy days?

Well, as rainy days make me feel sluggish and lazy, all I do is stay in bed all day long or indulge in a massage. I can also get immersed in a good book or watch some romantic movies.

3. What do you usually do when it rains and you are outside?

Oh, I really hate getting soaked to the skin. That’s why if I am outside when it starts raining and don’t have an umbrella with me, I either take a taxi and go straight to the destination or run as fast as I can to the nearest shelter.

4. Do you think rain is good?

I wouldn’t say it always is, as too much rain can cause flash floods, destroy crops and make rivers overflow so that homes get flooded or swept away completely.

5. How does rain affect life in your country?

I think the right amount of rain brings much needed relief to farmers because it leads to an increase in crop yields and as a result, boosts the income of all the people engaged in agriculture.

6. Is there any part in your country where it doesn’t rain much?

Definitely there is. I guess that the place that receives the least amount of rainfall in Iran is the desert areas of Kavir and Loot.

sample(2) Yes. It doesn’t rain much in the central part of Iran where there are deserts around. It barely rains throughout the year.

7. Does it rain much in Iran? (Where? When?)

It depends. The north of Iran generally gets a lot of rainfall all year around. But it doesn’t rain much in the south.

8. When (in what month/season) does it rain most in your hometown?

It rains most in fall, especially in November and December. There is news about floods in my hometown almost every fall.

9. In which season does it rain most in other parts of Iran?

In Iran, fall is the season when it rains the most, although the exact months may differ in different places.

10. Can you remember any time when it rained particularly heavily in your hometown?

Yeah, I remember when I was about 10 years old, once it rained continuously for a whole month. The streets were flooded, so everyone had to stay home.

1. How many hours do you sleep every day?

For me, I usually sleep seven hours on the weekday. Because I have to be full of beans in order to do my work well, so I stick to that routine as much as possible. But it is different on weekends. I can get up whenever I want.

2. What time do you usually go to bed?

Around 11 :00 pm. I just got my first job. In order to do it well, I have to go to bed before midnight.

3. Do old people sleep a lot? Why?

As far as I know, yes. I think probably it's because of the age. They are older, they don't have the energy that young people have, so they easily get tired and sleep to recharge themselves. Another reason I think is they don't have so many things to do in a day, so why not having a sleep?

4. Is it necessary to take a nap every day?

Yes. We are living in a busy modern life. Keeping a good relationship with clients, in the meantime doing our jobs well. All these need techniques and vigor. So, taking a nap at noon is really a luxury and a good way to relax and rethink what we are going to do in the rest of the day.

1. What are you studying at the moment?

I'm studying history at university. It's a four year course, and I started it three years ago, so I have just one year left. I'm enjoying it a lot so it will be sad to finish.

2. Why did you choose that major?

I was fascinated by being an auditor when I was in high school. At that time I was inspired by my cousin, who is an excellent auditor. To be a good auditor, I have to be good at accounting so I made a decision to study it in Hanoi University.

3. Is it a popular subject at your university?

Very popular, in fact it’s one of the most sought after courses. I think there are about 350 people reading law at Queen’s. I think lots of student’s parents want them to study law so they can get a good job after they graduate.

4. If you could change to another subject, what would it be?

I planned to study medicine, but then when I went on work experience I fainted at the first sight of blood, so definitely not that. I’m a real history buff and read books about World War 2 all the time, so I suppose it would have to be Modern History.

5. What do you like most about your studies?

We learn about many things from the past such as politics and wars, but I like learning about how people lived in the past the most. It's amazing to see how our lives have changed so much from the past up until now. In some ways our lives have got much easier now, but in other ways the simplicity of life in the past made people much happier. Learning about all that is fascinating.

1. What activities do teenagers in your country like to do?

Well, they do anything that lets them enjoy their time, I guess, for example, doing shopping and hanging out with friends, watching online videos and meeting new people.

2. Do you often spend time with teenagers?

Oh yes. I am an adolescent myself, so the majority of my friends are teenagers and we spend quite a bit of time together.

3. What is the best part of being a teenager in your country?

Oh, I think it is having many possibilities, unlimited potential, no time boundaries, and feeling mighty, as a result.

4. Do you like to spend time with teenagers?

Yes. Teenagers are full of vitality and new ideas. When I go back to my hometown on holidays, my teenage cousins always make good company.

5. What are the best things of being a teenager?

I think the best thing is that they don’t need to take too much responsibility besides studying, they don’ t have to worry about things. Their parents give them pocket money for social activities like hanging out with friends after school.

6. How do teenagers entertain themselves?

There are so many things for them to do, like going to movies, listening to music, hanging out with friends. They never run out of choices.

7. Do you know anything about the kind of fashion that teenagers like?

Teenagers like to follow the trend set by their idols. Nowadays, Iranian teenagers like Iranian pop culture, so they wear Iranian-style clothes and Iran-made make-up.

1. Do you use the Internet very much?

Yes. I use the Internet every day, either on my computer or my smartphone.

2. When was the first time you used the Internet?

I was in primary school when our computer teacher taught us how to visit websites. I was so surprised that so much information could be brought onto a computer screen!

3. Is the Internet very important (or, useful) in your daily life?

Yes. It’s an important part of my daily life. Many things will be difficult without it, like, staying in touch with my friends and family.

4. Do think you can (or, could) live without the Internet?

No. It would be like going back to Stone Age. Just imagine, I would have to go to the library and browse all the index in order to find information for a paper.

1. What transport are there in your city ?

People in my city go to work or travel by bus. taxi or city train. The most popular one is motorcycles. People cannot ride bikes as my city is hilly and the roads are bumpy.

2. Why do so many people in Iran ride bikes ?

People in Iran like to ride bikes because bikes are cheap to buy,easy to ride and convenient to use.People always ride bikes to some places which are not far away,and they think it is the best way to reduce traffic congestion.Most people,even the young and the old,can freely ride bikes to go where they want.

3. How do you think the traffic condition could be improved?

I think most people are trying to find the answer as the traffic conditions are getting worse and worse in many cities. In my opinion,to develop public transportation, encourage bike riding and improve road construction are very important to relieve traffic congestion.

4. Do you think transportation costs(gasoline, subway, bus and taxi fares,etc.) are expensive in your hometown?

I think the transportation costs in my hometown are very cheap the bus fare. To relieve traffic congestion,the local government has perfected the public transportation system , and has made the prices acceptable to all. At about one thousand tomans every time,you can travel around most of the city. So many people get around by bus.

5. Describe the advantages and disadvantage of saloon cars.

Saloon cars provide people with an easy and convenient way to travel at a low cost. With the development of the public transport system, it is possible to get to most places in the city by saloon cars. However, during rush hours saloon cars can be very crowded-and sometimes, because of the traffic congestion

6. What do you think of walking? What kind of people do you think like walking?

I find walking a very easy and effective exercise to keep the body healthy.According to a report,proper amount of walking exercise can be beneficial to our heart and lungs. About what kind of people like walking, I guess they're the people like me who find doing sports too hard.

7. What do you think about public transportation?

Public transportation is the main part of the city transportation. It is beneficial for the environment and can even offer quicker and cheaper option. People can get the destination by spending only very little money and without worrying about the scarce parking space which are required when they drive their own cars.

8. What's the most popular means of transportation in your hometown?

The most popular means of transportation in my hometown is subway. You know, the traffic in my hometown is crazy sometimes, so people tend to take subway when they go out, it's convenient, fast and money-saving.

9. Can you compare the advantages of planes and trains?

Compared with other means of transportation, travelling by air is faster, safer, and more comfortable. We can go to nearly every city around the world by plane. As for travelling by train, it's cheaper than taking a plane, and you can enjoy the views all along the ways, most importantly, the trains usually leave and arrive on time.

10. How often do you take buses?

Well, three or four times a week. For a university student like me, I go to school by bus because it's cheap and convenient. It's the main means of transportation for me.

11. Is driving to work popular in your country?

Yes, many people in Iran have bought their own private cars for their families. More and more people choose to drive to work because it saves the trouble for waiting for the bus and people don't need to worry about the weather any more.

12. Would you ride bikes to work in the future?

I guess I will. Now I ride once or twice per week. Riding brings benefits to our health. It's a nice way to get some exercise. Some people use it to lose weight or keep fit. Most importantly, I don't have to worry about the traffic congestions when I ride to work.

13. Do you prefer public transportation or private transportation?

That depends. I prefer private transportation when I'm with my family because it would be a lot more flexible to go anywhere we want.
However, when I go out with a bunch of friends, subway will be our first option because it's much more convenient.

14. Do you think people will drive more in the future?

Yes, I do. But I don't hope so because in some big cities like Tehran and Mashhad, driving to work takes more time than taking subways and traffic problem has become one of the most serious problems.

15. What will become the most popular means of transportation in Iran?

I guess it will be the subway. Firstly, I think, it’s fast, money saving and it can contain plenty of people. Second, it's punctual and unaffected by the weather.

1. What is your job?

I currently work as an office manager at a large marketing company. I've been in the job for about five years now. I'm usually assigned to work with a specific business in order to improve their sales through various marketing strategies.

2. How did you get this job?

Well, I am done my Bachelors in technology in Information Technology. So, during the last year, lot of companies came in for campus recruitment and I got selected at Infosys.

3. Do you have to work with other people?

Oh yes, all the time. It's a big office and we all have to work as a team if we want to achieve results. I have colleagues I need to liaise with such as the graphic designers and I also have administration staff who work under me. And of course I also have to work alongside the companies that we provide marketing for. So yes, I definitely have to work with other people.

4. What do you dislike about your work?

The only think that I really don’t like about being a software engineer is that apart from being a great job, it is not something very close to my heart. At hear, I am a writer, traveler and a reader. And I would definitely would want to do something near to it.

5. Do you think you will change jobs in the future?

Well, that's not something I'm thinking about at the moment as I really enjoy what I do and it's a really good company to work for. The pay is good and they have other good benefits such as flexi-time and end of year bonuses. But that said, change is always a good thing, so I can't see me being there forever. I'm sure I will change one day.