Sample Responses to
May-August Speaking Questions - part 1

آرشیو نمونه پاسخ به سوالات اسپیکینگ part 1
1. Are there many advertisements in your country

Yep, advertisements in my country are prevalent. Specifically, in the crowded place such as the bus or on the business streets, you can always contact advertisements.

sample(2) Yes, there are. Advertising is a very powerful tool and it's getting more and more these days in my country. So we are surrounded by ads, which occupy a lot of space in our life.

sample(3) Yes, nearly everywhere. On TV, roadside pillars, and even when a bus passing by, there is an advertisement on the either side of it.

2. Why do you think there are so many advertisements now?

Whether you do like them or not, whenever and wherever it's possible that you can meet them. For biz sellers, ad could be very helpful to promote their products. For audience, ads might show some latest information. To buy or not to buy, to be fond of or not, all depend on your decisions.

sample(2) There are many reasons. Mostly, the various ways of advertising available make it possible for companies to publicize their product or service. By investing in advertisement, they are better known to the public, so as to achieve high sales.

sample(3) All for selling more, I guess. The advertisers want to build a good image for their products, attract the potential consumers and develop the domestic or the foreign markets, and in the end, make profits.

3. What are the various places where we see advertisements?

Today, media is so blatantly filled with advertising: TV, radio, magazine, newspaper, billboards. Even more pathetic when I recently watched a 16 second clip with a two-minute commercial without the option to skip. I think many advertisements are brain-washing us.

sample(2) We can see advertisements everywhere. They are printed on newspapers and magazines, on the buses running around the city, broadcasted on TVs and radios. Also, they are sent to us through our cellphones.

sample(3) If you watch TV, you' II see ads from time to time. If you are on the bus, you may see ads on the back of the chairs or on the handles. While walking on a busy street, you can always see some people handing out flyers.

4. How do you feel about advertisements?

I would say I enjoy some of them coz they are creative and stimulating.But it‟s true that When we watch TV, most of them always disturb the fun of enjoying the programs. Besides the information they bring us always are misleading.

samole(2) To be honest, I don't like advertisements. Ads do offer us useful information, but most of them are to promote stuff for people to purchase something they don't need. I hope more space, no matter that on newspapers or walls on the buildings.

sample(3) As a matter of fact, I think in some way these advertisements are annoying. For instance, when watching a wonderful TV series, and suddenly a two- minute long advertisement breaks in, it really drives me crazy. It has already ruined the mood I had two minutes ago. So, I don' t like advertisements.

5. Have you ever bought anything because of the advertisement ?

Yes, some advertisements have attracted me to buy the products. When the products they introduce are really attractive and I do need these goods, I usually choose to buy.

6. Do you like advertisements?

I would say I enjoy some of them coz they are creative and stimulating.But it‟s true that When we watch TV, most of them always disturb the fun of enjoying the programs. Besides the information they bring us always are misleading.

1. What kinds of animals do you like?

I'm a girl, so I like the tame and docile ones. They listen to me and do not destroy the home stuff, like dogs. I like them very much. Also, I think that at some extent they can understand what people mean.

2. Do you like to see animals in the zoo?

No, I don't fancy that. I feel sorry for them instead. The animals are locked up in a specific area, no freedom, no happiness. What's worse, they will gradually lose their nature, like running or hunting very quickly. They are deprived of the opportunity to explore the world. So, I don't like to see animals in the zoo.

3. What is the most popular animal in Iran?

Cheetahs, without a doubt. They are national treasure to us. One reason I think is that cheetahs are on the verge of extinction, so we think highly of them. Another reason is that they are cute, the way they move and eat makes us like them better.

4. Why do some people keep pets at home?

For various reasons, I think. Some people just like the animals, the little fluffy cats, for example, so they keep the cats at home. While some people think that keeping pets is a ways to showoff, so they will choose the rare and expensive kinds as their pets, even though they do not fond of them.

5. Have you ever had a pet before?

Yes, I once had a puppy, but I didn't buy it, it was picked up by my mom on the roadside. And at that time, it was very weak, my mom took care of it by feeding milk and building a kennel. The puppy became alive day by day. But I don't know why it left us one day. For disease, I guess.

1. What's the most popular app in your country?

It's definitely Telegram. Nearly everybody has downloaded it on their mobile phones. People can chat with the one they love for free as long as having WiFi.

2. What kinds of apps do you often use?

I often use the social apps like Telegram, or the entertaining apps like NetEase cloud music. I use them either for socializing or for entertaining, you know, searching for fun and relaxing myself.

3. Do old people in your country like to use apps?

No. Most of the old people don't like to accept new things. And they find apps very complicated and far beyond their abilities. So they won't try using apps.

4. What kinds of apps would you like to have in the future?

I'm not quite addicted to technology, honestly speaking. I think there are all kinds of apps right now, apps for learning, studying, exercising and financing, etc. It's more than enough for me. But I do think that the apps should be much simpler, so the older generations can use them too.

5. What was the first app you used?

The first app I used··· it was around high school when I had my first mobile phone, I guess it was Viber, a social app. It was popular at that time, and I had different kinds of groups. However, it seems that Viber was replaced by Telegram because of limited functions. But I won't forget the happy hours it brought to me.

1. Do you like going boating?

For sure I like it. As it is a beautiful and enjoyable way to see some city or area or just enjoy the scenery that passes by.

2. Have you ever travelled by boat?

Oh, dozen times, I guess. Boating is perfect way for me to unwind and reconnect in the natural environment. So, yeah, I always try to go on a boat trip while traveling near the water.

3. Would you like to have your own boat?

Oh yeah, I would do it with pleasure. I think it is an excellent investment and also a great fun and one of the best way to draw a family together.

sample(2) Definitely! If I did have a boat, I would be able to go on a boating trip on a nearby lake with my friends. We can fish and chat together on it. It would be so much fun!

4. Is boat trip popular in your country?

No, not really, because Iran’s road network is so widespread that most people under most circumstances will chose it over boat travel. but the sightseeing by boat on river can be a fun journey for many.

sample(2) I don’t think it’s very popular. Although there’re a lot of rivers and lakes in Iran, I think people are not allowed to go boating on their own. But there’re boat trips at some tourist attractions where we can give it a try.

5. Do you like boats?

Yes, I do. Because boats are usually small, when I’m on a boat, I feel as if I’m sitting or standing on water.

1. Do you use computers very much?

Not regularly, I think, just to browse websites for the news everyday, actually sitting in front of the computer for a long time is harmful for my eyesight and physical health. Also, I feel headache when I look at the monitor over 30 minutes.

2. Have computers changed your life in any way?

Yes, computers have made considerable changes in my life. In fact, it improves efficiency at work. I can type words, figures or data through the keyboard of my computer, which is more efficient compared with handwriting. Furthermore, computers enrich my recreation activities and I can play video games or go shopping online.

sample(2) Yes, I think so. It makes my life convenient and helps to get up-to-date information. Also, it's a great way for me to entertain myself.

sample(3) Yes. It has made my life a lot easier in many ways. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to get so much useful information about my schoolwork, and my time after school would’ve been really boring.

3. Do you think computers are useful in everyday life?

Yes, it makes considerable changes to my life, like for example, I use it to connect to the Internet to communicate with friends through some instant messaging programmes, browse the web, download music and save them to my removable hard drive

4. Do you think there are any disadvantages to using computers?

Yes, sitting in front of the computer screen for a long time has a detrimental effect on people’s health. You know, a sedentary lifestyle can cause some chronic diseases, like backache or something like that.

5. Computers are now used a lot in education. What do you think of this?

Computers may reduce efficiency and distract students’ attention. Without the supervision of parents and teachers, students may focus on playing computer games and getting addicted to it.

6. What kinds of computers are popular in Iran?

Laptops are popular in Iran because they are portable, people always carry their laptops with them wherever they go.

All computers are popular. I think people use different computers for different purposes. Most people work with a desktop or a laptop computer while they may use a tablet computer for recreation .

7. How often do you use computer?

Well, I use computer almost every day, it has become an essential part of my life. I use it to do my job, get some entertainment as well. I can't imagine the life without a computer.

I use it almost every day. I have to use it for my studies.

8. Who taught you how to use a computer?

It was one of my classmates. I remember I watched comic cartoons, read novels on the Internet. Actually, that was my first time using a computer.

My computer teacher in primary school did. But he only taught me the basics, I learned the rest on my own.

9. Do you think computers have changed your life?

Yes, I think so. It makes my life convenient and helps to get up-to-date information. Also, it's a great way for me to entertain myself.

Yes. It has made my life a lot easier in many ways. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to get so much useful information about my schoolwork, and my time after school would've been really boring.

10. What do you usually use your computer for?

Normally, I use the computer to search some information because it's fast. However, if I'm really tired, I will switch to computer games because I can lose myself a little while I'm in the games.

I use it to search for information about my schoolwork. And sometimes, when I' m done with work, I use it to chat with my friends or listen to music.

1. what is the busiest part of the day for you?

From about 10 o'clock to noon. That is when i have to take care of my work and tings are a bit hectic.

sample(2) As most of my classes in the university are scheduled in the late afternoon, it is usually the busiest part of my day.

2. What part of your day do you like best?

My favourite part of the day is late afternoon, because the day's work is coming to an end, I can go home, and i have the evening to look forward to, and the weather is generally pleasant and cool.

sample(2) I am a night person, so the best time for me to do the things I love is at night time. I prefer to study, to read and to watch films in bed or on the sofa at night.

3. Do you usually have the same routine every day?

Almost. I start my day with coffee, then rush to the train station to go to work and back home. Not too much room for flexibility when you work 9 hours a day and you are 12 hours out of the house. I dream of becoming a freelancer especially for this reason.

4. What is your daily routine?

In a typical weekday I have to wake up a bit early and revise my university lessons and then I rush to the university campus to attend the lecture. At around 2.00 pm I eat my lunch in the cafeteria and spent the whole evening in the library. After I return home at around 7.00 pm I spent my time in my study room and have my dinner with my family members. I watch a news channel for an hour and then get back to my room.

sample(2) I usually wake up at 8 am, as my day usually starts at 9 am. Typically, I have a simple breakfast before setting off to school. At 7 pm, I am usually back home from school. Dinner with my family is often at 8 pm. The rest of the evening I typically spend on homework, doing some research and part of it chatting with friends on social media.

5. Do you ever change your routine?

I always want some changes in my life, so my routines also are constantly changing. I do not like to have mundane or routine set of activities each day, that would be boring. Also, having different patterns can keep others guessing about your whereabouts, just adds to the security factor!

6. Do you think it is important to have a daily routine?

Not really. I try to make each of my day a little different to the previous one, to keep me motivated and to add to the fun.

7. What would you like to change in your day to day routine?

I would like to get up earlier in the morning than I do now. Next, I would like to take up regular exercises in a gymnasium. Apart from that, I would like to leave office/ university early to walk in the park for an hour. Apart from that, my current daily routine is all good

8. Are all your days the same?

Not really. For me, a day-off is quite different than the busy working day in every perspective. Apart from that different circumstances and events make the days different from each other. While Sunday is a day to spend time with my family members and to meet friends and play with them in the evening.

9. When time do you get up?

Well, let's see. Some days I wake up early. Maybe about 6 o'clock. Yeah, sometimes I wake up at 6 o'clock.When I get up early, I like to get ready for the day, take a shower and have breakfast. But other days, I don't like getting up early. Maybe I'll sleep in until 10:00 or 11:00.

10. What’s the difference of routine between you and your teenager’s times?

There a variety of differences indeed. When I was in my early teenage life, I was a happy—go—lucky kind of person who have all the time to do sport, take piano lessons. But these days, there’s too much pressure in my studies and I am so occupied all week. Chilling out is not part of my daily routine.

1. Do you like paper dictionary or electronic dictionary?

I prefer the paper dictionary. You may say electronic dictionary is much more convenient, easy to use and light-weight. But I find that when I look up the new words in the paper dictionary and write them down on my notebook, I can remember better.

2. How will dictionaries change in the future?

For the paper dictionary, probably much lighter and easy to carry around. While for the electronic dictionary, maybe much more detailed and accurate.

3. What kinds of dictionaries have you used before?

I mainly used the bilingual dictionaries, like Advanced Oxford English-Persian and Persian-English Dictionary or the Longman Dictionary and some electronic dictionaries my teachers recommended. Each has its advantages.

4. How often do you use your dictionary?

I use my dictionary nearly every day. My major is English, so whenever I encounter some words I don' t know, I will look them up either in the paper dictionary or the electronic dictionary.

1. Do you like extreme sports?

You mean sports like bungee jumping, rock climbing and the high jump? I don't like them at all. Because they seem dangerous, I am prone to getting hurt.

2. What kinds of exercises do you do?

I am an active person, and I'd like to be close to nature, so I like doing outdoor exercises, like running on the street or climbing in the wild.

3. Do you think children should play sports regularly?

Yes, I think so. Children are busy with their schoolwork on weekdays. They don't have enough time to do exercises, even though they do have PE classes at school. Besides, playing sports regularly can build up a good physique and is also good for their study.

4. What was your favorite sport when you were young?

Climbing was my favorite. I really enjoyed the feeling that after a long and tiring journey that I had finally reached the top. The fresh air and the magical views were the best rewards.

5. What kinds of exercises are popular in your country?

Running, I think. It doesn't need professional equipment, just a pair of sports shoes is enough. And people can run with their friends, or just on their own and listen to some music during the journey, a good way to get rid of troubles.

1. How many people are there in your family?

There are four. There's myself of course. Then there's my younger brother, he's fifteen years old. And I have my mother and father who are both in their late 70s. I have two grand parents as well, but they don't live with us.

2. Can you Tell me something about your family?

Well, I've got two older sisters and one younger brother, so I'm right in the middle. My mum and Dad are divorced and they're remarried. So, actually I have quite a lot of stepbrothers and stepsisters, so there are quite a few of us.

3. What kind of things do you and your family do together?

There’s a lot of thing that we do together. My whole family always gather at dinner and discuss various types of stuff. I often take advice on important things from my parents, and sometime my little brother too.

4. Do you prefer to spend time with your family or with your friends?

If I were to choose between the two, I’ll go with my family because in many ways, my family are my friends and they are the ones who will stay with me all my life, whereas I don’t actually meet my friends very often, you know although yeah sometimes I have more fun with my friends because they are closer to my age.

5. How are you getting on with your parents?

If you asked me that question when I was at junior high, it would be totally different point of view. I mean, my parents, they had a list of things that they thought I need to become, and that I need to better myself and all, always compared me to another kids but it’s just like the story of the last decade.

6. Is family very important to you?

Of course it is. Family is the most important thing in the world to me. It’s the only thing that never turns back on me and it’s really all I have in the long run. Once I grew up and moved out and away, I more realized how important they are.

7. Would you prefer to have a larger or smaller family?

Actually, I prefer my family remains unchanged coz it’s the best now. Although I also wanna live in an extend family then family members can support and foster each other but I’m a bit worried about generation gaps which might lead to some unnecessary arguments, you know.

8. How many family members does your family have?

I have a lovely family and my family is the most important aspect of my life. I am very close to my family members and they are my best friends, mentors and supporters.

9. Do you like to talk with your parents?

I find it difficult to talk with them at least now. My parents just try to convince me to follow their footsteps, becoming a businessman and woman that could run in the family, but I dream of being an educator. So, this “serious” topic has become so hot every time we talk but I often get bored and find the way to leave it.

10. What don’t you like about your brother or sister?

What I don’t like about my sister is that she always let herself getting into trouble at school like staying out late or just being lazy. So that makes my poor mother and I have to try to turn a blind eye to some of her behavior, but it wasn’t easy.

11. Would you say that your family affects your life very much?

I’d like to say that no one could influence as strongly on my life as my father, a businessman. I followed his footsteps and joined him on the family company. He enjoys showing me the ropes that’ll helps a lot when I’m going to run my own business.

12. How often do you meet your family?

sample(1) I don’t live in the same city as them, so I can only visit them during public holidays like spring festival and national holiday. So I’d say twice each year.

sample(2) About once every two months, when I have a long holiday from school.

13. How do you spend time with your family?

I like to cook with them. Both of my parents are good at cooking. So whenever we three have time, we’d plan a great home meal together and I really enjoy the time helping them to make great food.

sample(2) At home, we watch TV and have meals together. Once a year, my family and I go on vacation.

14. Do you want to live with your family in the future?

sample(1) Not really, I want to live with my spouse independently. This is because my parents have different lifestyle, they are early birds and they sleep before 10 o’clock, and they expect me to do so. I don’ t want to get in a fight with them constantly over trivial things like these, so I have to have my own place.

sample(2) In the future when I grow up, I want to live close to my parents but probably not in the same apartment because we have different lifestyles.

15. Are you close to all of your family members?

Yes. I’m from a nuclear family so it’s not very big. We are all very close in the family life and we always try to take care of each other.

sample(2) I only talk to a few of them regularly. The ones I barely talk to are those who either live far away or I don't know much about. So I usually choose to be with the ones that I feel connected with.

16. How has your family influenced you?

sample(1) My parents are self-disciplined people. So what they do or say really has a big influence on me. For example, they always say thanks to the people offering service at public places. And they are friendly to neighbors. When they have cooked something nice, they are willing to share the food with others. All these deeds have shaped who I am today.

sample(2) My parents are both very honest and hardworking people. They have set good examples to me and taught me to have integrity and perseverance.

1. Are your friends mostly your age or different age? Why?

Most of my friends are my age and I have a few friends who are senior to me. The reason I have friends of my age is because they were mostly my classmates initially and then became my good friends. Majority of my friends are from my high school and college and that naturally make them to be my age.

2. Do you prefer one or two close friends or many friends?

When I was in my early teenage, I preferred many friends but nowadays I have few friends but they are very close to me. So I would say, I prefer having few close friends than having too many ordinary friends.

3. Do you usually see your friends during week or at weekends? Why?

I usually see my friends during weekends. Week days are busy days and after I get back home in the evening, I prefer to stay at home with my family members.

4. Do you prefer to stay alone or with your friends?

I usually prefer to be with my friends. However there are times when I need my personal time and in this case I prefer solitude rather than companies.

5. The last time you saw your friends, what did you do together?

Well, we played badminton together and had our dinner in a nearby restaurant. That’s the last thing I can recall doing with my friends and that would about a week ago.

6. What do you prefer: going out with your friends or spending your spare time staying at home?

That depends. Sometimes I prefer being with my friends and sometimes I prefer staying at home with my family members. I try to maintain a balance in terms of spending time with my friends and with my family. For example, while playing any outdoor sports, I prefer going out with friends.

7. Do you have many friends? Why? Why not?

As I've already said, I had many friends when I was in my high school. But these days I have comparatively fewer close friends.

8. Are friends as important to you as family?

To me my family is more important. However, this does not make my friends less important to me. Naturally family comes first for almost everybody and then the friendship. I am no exception.

9. What do you expect from a good friend?

ell, that’s a tough question! Not that I have not thought about it, but I have never drawn a solid conclusion about it! Umm, my expectation from a good friend is that he would be a good companion, good listener, would criticize me whenever needed, would be supportive and positive. He must be honest and would have a sense of humour.

10. Do you remember your friends in primary school? Why?

Yes, I remember most of them, if not all of them. The classes were small, so we were all pretty close. And most of us were from the same neighborhood, so I still see them now.

11. What do you do with friends?

I do a ton of things with friends, like going shopping, singing, reading. I like being with them.

12. How do you make friends?

Most of my friends are from school. When I meet fun people in a new class, I would start a conversation with them, and if we get along, we become friends.

13. Do you like chatting with friends online?

Not really. I prefer chatting with them in person, because I can see their expressions and listen to their tones, which are really important in communication.

1. Do you usually eat fruit and vegetables every day?

Yes, I do. I usually have bananas with my cereal at breakfast time, an apple for lunch, and sometimes I have melon or some other types of fruit after the main meal. I eat lots of vegetables each day as well because they’re good for me.

2. What kind of fruit do you enjoy the most?

I really love bananas because I enjoy the flavour and the fact that they are convenient to take to school, and they fill us up easily. They’re also

3. Did you enjoy the same type of fruit when you were a child?

No, I don’t think so. I used to hate peeling the skin of bananas, so I never really enjoyed eating them. Then, when I got a bit older, I changed my mind.

4. Do you prefer to eat fruit or vegetables?

Sometimes, I think I prefer vegetables because they are always part of the meal, not separate, so it’s easier to get enough vegetables to stay healthy. But then, fruit is so sweet and delicious. I guess I enjoy both fruit and vegetables equally.

5. Are there any fruits or vegetables you don’t like? Why?

Yes, there are… I’m not a fussy eater, but I really hate onions and seafood… I try to avoid meals that might contain these products…

6. Do most people eat vegetables in your country?

Yes, they do. Almost every meal has either rice or potatoes and also another vegetable as well, such as cabbage, carrots, green beans or something like that. Quite a lot of people have a small proportion of vegetables to meat but at least they always have some kind of vegetable with their meal.

7. Are there many vegetarians in your country?

Yes, quite a lot. Many people choose to avoid eating meat and their diet consists of both vegetables and grains. There are quite a few restaurants in my city which cater to vegetarians and offer the most wonderful dishes such as fried aubergine, spinach and potato, onion cakes and things like that. They’re actually very delicious.

8. Is it important to eat fruits?

Definitely. Fruits, like vegetables are nutritious and therefore are great for our health. Most fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential to boost our immune system.

1. What kinds of gifts are popular in your country?

I'm not quite sure what gifts are popular in Iran, but I do know that whenever I go to a boutique, I can always see the furry dolls taking up a large room in the stores, so probably dolls are quite popular.

2. How often do you buy others gifts?

I only buy presents for friends on special occasions, such as on their birthdays or during the festivals.

3. Why do people send gifts?

I think sending gifts is part of our Iranian culture. There is an old saying that says little gift, deep goodwill. Sending gifts, on the one hand, shows that people value the receiver, on the other hand, sending gifts on special occasions is also a respect to our time-honored tradition.

4. Do you like to send expensive gifts?

Honestly speaking, I don't like to send expensive gifts, but I'd like to receive expensive gifts. Hahaha. I think sending a gift is a token of regard, it needn't have to be expensive to show your love or care.

1. How did you learn to write?

You mean writing a story or something like that? I think I just did what everybody else would did. At first, I collected good stories from reference books, I would draw down the good words, sentences and paragraphs in one notebook. And of course, I would change my reading materials when I went to different grades. With time passing by, I gradually had an idea of how to write. Yes, that' s just me, read first, then copied, finally started writing.

2. Nowadays, how do most people write things?

I think they prefer to use computers or their mobile phones to write something, for business or for private affairs, such as sending an email through the internet, or use the cellphone to record their daily life.

3. What impression does a person's handwriting have on other people?

There is an old saying: the style is the man, which means one's handwriting in some way is already reflecting his or her character. In my view, a good handwriting is a bonus point. I can earn other people' s compliments by sending an exquisite card, with beautiful handwriting.

4. Do you think handwriting is very important (nowadays)?

I think handwriting still plays an important role in our daily life. For example, students need to have good handwriting so they can get good grades in their entrance examinations. In a broader sense, if we don't practice writing in a regular term, we will gradually forget how to write, it is a cultural loss, I think.

5. How can children today improve (or, practice) their handwriting?

Practice makes perfect. There is only one way to improve their handwriting, which is practicing as often as possible. They can buy a notebook and practice writing on a regular basis. And I think that offering calligraphy courses at school is also a good way for children to improve their handwriting.

6. When do children begin to write in your country?

Generally, around five to six years old. Most kids start to learn how to write and how to read in kindergarten, although they may just be able to write their names.

7. Do you usually write by hand or write using a computer(, typewriter or word-processor)?

Computer. Because most of my work is related to computer, like sending e-mails, writing and editing articles, and so on.

8. Do you think computers might one day replace handwriting?

I don't think so. Although I admit that nearly everyone has his or her own computer today, but handwriting still has its advantages. Imagine when receiving a post card from one of your best friends, you can smell the paper, you can see the handwriting of the person, it's just more intimate.

1. What kinds of meals do you like?

Oh, I adore different meat plates… My mouth is watering whenever I see roast beef, grilled chicken or pork chops. However, I don’t like to cook. That's why I often eat ready meals and take-aways.

2. Do you often dinner with your family or friends?

Well, I try to dinner with my family as often as possible. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time for such dinners due to my busy schedule...

3. When do you usually eat dinner?

I usually have main meal at about 4 p.m. … I'm starving hungry by then and sometimes overeat myself...

4. Are there any fruits or vegetables you don’t like? Why?

Yes, there are… I’m not a fussy eater, but I really hate onions and seafood… I try to avoid meals that might contain these products…

5. And what is your favourite cuisine?

Well, I love French cuisine for its versatility and flavorful ingredients.... French cuisine has a variety of dishes, starting from their famous onion soup and ending with cheese fondue... Also, it rarely uses artificial ingredients or flavors.

6. What's your favorite restaurant?

My favorite restaurant in my hometown is called Kebab Store. I am a practical person, so I like the restaurants that offer delicious yet not very expensive meals. And I think that service is very important, customers have to be treated with great respect.

7. Who do you often have meals with?

Until so far, I often have meals alone. Although I share a room with others, we don't have the same schedules. And eating on my own is quite comfortable.

8. When do you have meals?

I have my meals just at normal times, breakfast at 7:00am, lunch at 12:00, and dinner about 7:30pm.

9. Do you often eat out?

No, I don't like eating out. One is that it is too expensive, I can't afford eating out every day. The other is that I like cooking, I think that I do it quite well. So, I can make delicious meals on my own, then there is no reason for me to eat out.

10. Do you like to eat at home or outside?

At home. I can buy whatever I want to eat and cook it on my own. I think that cooking is also a way of rewarding oneself, you know. Pick the fish, meat and the vegetable I like and cook them with great attention, then I can enjoy it in a peaceful environment, in my own house, that sounds good. Right?

1. How old were you when you started school?

My school is in the vicinity of my house.I went there when I was 6 years old, because it is not allowed to start school before than 6.

2. How did you get to school each day?

My school was just located near my home, so every day I walked to school with myself, or sometimes with my neighbours

3. Tell me something about the school?

My school is called the Sana Elementary School, which was established 50 years ago in my hometown. The school was quite spacious as it was large but there were no many students. Besides, the teachers there were always kind-hearted and responsible for their teaching.

4. What subjects did you study in secondary school (=high school)?

There were many subjects we had to learn at secondary school, such as maths, English, physics, chemistry, history, geography, and so on. So you can see we had a heavy burden at that time.

5. Have you ever returned to see your old school again?

Yes, every time I go back to my hometown, I’d like to visit my old school and I’ll be very delighted to see how my school developed. I was really proud of it.

6. Can you describe yourself as a good student?

Well, overall I think I am a good student. ... I am not an eager beaver, nor the teacher's pet... but I'm good at scientific subjects and, most importantly, I like studying.

7. Do you study English now?

Yes, of course. I've taken an intensive course this year, where I've attend classes three times a week... And I plan on pursuing my studies in the future, too...

8. Did you enjoy/Do you enjoy studying at school?

I've never really liked school... I'm not a bookworm and a lot of humanities subjects seemed too boring to me. However, the workload was not too big... The other good thing about school is being able to see your friends. And fortunately, I had wonderful classmates.

9. What kind of school did you go as a child?

I have always gone to co-ed schools, right from primary to intermediate and it has helped me to be more comfortable while interacting with opposite sex.

10. Which subject did you like most? and dislike?

I liked to learn geography most, because I' m interested in learning about the different countries and cultures. But I hated chemistry, which required both a lot of terms and calculations.

11. Do you still contact with your friends in high school?

Yes. I had some really good friends from high school whom I still stay in touch with. Distance can' t separate true friends.

12. What was your high school like?

It' s bittersweet. I was really busy with schoolwork, so I had to study really late in the evening. But I often chatted with friends during breaks and went running before going to bed. It was full of memories.

13. What happened on your first day of high school?

Everybody in the class took turns to introduce themselves briefly. Then we were assigned to the seats according to our heights. I met a few classmates that day who I am still friends with now.

1. Where do you live?

I live on the outskirts of XXXX City, in a district called XXXX, about 15 km from the city centre.

2. Do you live in a house or a flat?

I live in a 3 bedroom flat on the 11th floor of a big apartment building.

sample(2) Currently, I'm living in an apartment in downtown area with my parents, it's not big, but cozy. You know, I'm still a student. Maybe in the near future, when I'm independent, I'll move out of it and live in a flat by myself.

3. Who do you live with?

I live there with my wife and little baby son.

sample(2) I live in a small apartment with my brother. And it's very convenient to live near my parents, as my mom often cooks for us when we are pretty busy.

4. Is it a big place?

It’s pretty big for a flat. It has 3 large bedrooms, one for my wife and I and one for my son when he gets older. It also has a smaller bedroom that I use as a study and to store things in. The kitchen is small but it is part of a big open plan living room, so there is lots of space for the family.

5. How is your apartment decorated?

I don’t like lots of over the top decoration, so I guess you would describe it as minimalist. The walls are all white and the furniture is also either white or black. There are very few ornaments or pictures because again, I like to keep things quite minimal and I hate clutter.

6. Is there anything you would like to change about your flat?

I would like to have a big balcony. We have a sort of balcony at the moment, but we mainly use it for washing and drying clothes. It would be really nice to have some tables and chairs on a proper balcony, with maybe a few plants, so we could sit there in the evenings and relax.

7. Do you live in a house or an apartment?

I live in a semi-detached house with three bedrooms and a small garden.

8. Which room do you like most in your house? Why?

My favourite room is the kitchen because it looks out onto the back garden, and it's on the side of the house that catches the afternoon sun.

9. Is there anything about your house that you would like to change?

Well, it would be nice if it were a detached house so that we could have windows on the wall that we currently share with our neighbours.

10. Tell me something else about your house.

The previous owners converted the loft into an extra bedroom; that's the quietest room in the house, and the best place to go to do some work.

11. What kind of housing/accommodation do you live in?

My parents and I live in a three-bedroom flat on the 13th floor. Basically, the flat is about 120 square meters in total and since I live quite high up, so I have a wonderful view of the city.

12. What's the difference between where you are living now and where you have lived in the past?

In the past, I lived in a small flat. While now I'm living in a big house with my parents. The flat I used to live in is smaller than the house. What's more, it wasn't nicely furnished and didn't have the backyard. The house we are living now is more comfortable.

13. Can you describe the place where you live?

I live in the downtown of a big city. Nearby is a big city park with beautiful scenery, so living here is enjoyable and relaxing. However, we're thinking about moving away because there is a new constructed seafood market here, it's so rowdy and chaotic.

14. Which room does your family spend most of their time in?

Well, my family spend most of the time in the living room, there is a large TV set hanging on the wall and during our time off, we often watch TV or movies, sit around and talk about our days. That's enjoyable.

15. How long have you lived there?

Well, I've been lived there since I was born, it's more than 20 years, you know, to be honest with you, I like living with my family because we can look after each other.

16. What do you usually do in your house/flat/room?

I often listen to music if I'm really tired, I watch TV with my parents after dinner. Sometimes, I just sit quietly on the sofa to have some meditations, to have a peaceful mind. In a word, it's graceful, restful and comfortable.

17. Do you plan to live there for a long time?

No, I'm not. I would love to own a nice townhouse close to work. It has a patio, a big kitchen, and plenty of rooms to entertain, that would be great.

18. Are the transport facilities to your home very good?

Yea, it's in an easily accessible location. You can take a bus, taxi or the subway, any way you want, to my home.

19. Please describe the room you live in?

Well, it's a common but cozy room without special design. The wall is white and the floor is covered by brown wooden floors. Besides my bed, there is a built-in desk and several closets.

20. Do you prefer living in a house or a flat?

It depends, I guess. If I live alone, of course I like to live in an apartment because of the cheap rent and convenience for cleaning. But if I live together with my family, I will prefer a house since every member in the family will have their own space.

21. What part of your home do you like the most?

I like my bedroom the most because it gives me a sense of freedom.
It's a place Where I can look around and not feel agitated or confined, everything is in harmony.

1. Where is your hometown?

My hometown is on the south-east coast of Northern Ireland. It’s called Dundrum and it’s about 1 hour south of the capital city.

sample(2) My hometown is Ilam, the capital city in Ilam Province, since it's a small place, I've been to almost every corner of the city and know many local foods. It's also interesting when I go out because I could always run across some acquaintances.

2. What do you like about your hometown?

It’s an area of outstanding natural beauty and for me, one of the most beautiful places of earth. It has everything; fantastic beaches, rolling mountains, dense forests and picturesque countryside.

sample(2) I like the night life in my hometown, because there are a lot of restaurant there, and that's what I'm really into. You know, I'm kind of person who likes to be where the crowds are.

3. What do you not like about it?

It can be a little bit boring because it’s really tiny. There are only a few small shops and a couple of pubs and that’s it! In the summer, it’s OK because you can enjoy the outdoors but it would be nice to have a few more indoor facilities for the winter.

sample(2) I hate the traffic conditions there. My hometown's traffic always drives me crazy, it often takes me more than one and half an hour to go back to home from work. Another one of my least favorite things is the pollution, it has become one of the most serious problems in my hometown.

4. How often do you visit your hometown?

Not as much as I should. I only get to visit about once a year now to see my family because I’m really busy with work and it’s quite far away, but I hope to visit more in the future.

5. What’s the oldest part of your hometown?

There is an old Norman castle that sits on top of the highest hill of the town. It’s a ruin now, but there are some breathtaking views from it and it’s easy to see why they chose that site for a castle, because you can see for miles around.

6. Do many people visit your town?

Thousands of tourists visit every summer. They come from the capital city mostly to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the peace and quiet. There are more and more international tourists visiting because lots of scenes from the TV show ‘Game of Thrones’ were shot just outside the village.

7. Is there any way your hometown could be made better?

As I said before, the best thing about the town is its rural beauty and you can’t really improve that. If I had to say something, it would be to improve the roads, they are in a terrible state and cause a few car accidents every year.

8. How has your hometown changed over the years?

Since I was a child the town has almost doubled in size and population. It used to consist of just one main street, but now there are many new housing developments and apartments next to the water. With all these new people moving in, it has changed the character of the town a little bit, people are not as friendly as before.

9. Are there good transportation links to your town?

The public transport system consists of just buses that pass through the town on an hourly basis. One bus goes north to the capital city which is really convenient if you need to do any shopping and the other bus goes south where you can switch buses and go across the border to the Republic of Ireland, so you could say we have international transport links which is not bad for a little town like ours.

10. Would you recommend the town to people with children?

Yes and no. It is obviously a great place to bring up kids because there are so many things for them to do like swim in the sea, play in the forest and run on the beach. However, the good schools are pretty far away and I remember having to get up really early every morning to catch a bus to school that was 20 miles away.

11. Is there much to do in your hometown?

Oh yes, there's certainly lots to do there as it's a fairly big city. If you like going out in the evening there are a lot of good restaurants and bars. If you prefer cultural activities there are museums and art galleries. But if you like nature there are lots of other things outside of the city which are easy to reach.

12. What are the people like in your hometown?

They are mostly quite friendly, but as with most big cities everyone is often busy so it may seem as if they are not interested in speaking or having a chat. But if you live there you know that most people are quite happy to have a chat if they have time and will help you if needed.

13. Is that a big city or a small place?

Well, it's a big city with some scenic spots. Modern facilities for entertainments are also built up in downtown areas. So we can always find something interesting to do when getting together with friends.

14. How long have you been living there?

I have been living there since I was born, for more than twenty years. It's really a beautiful and comfortable place to live.

15. Do you like your hometown?

Of course, who doesn't? And from all the aspects, I love local food and everyone who comes to my hometown would try this food. Also, I like the city center because there are lot of cafes there and hustle and bustle.

16. Do you like living there?

Yes, definitely. I have already gotten accustomed to live there, you know, the crowds, the streets, the environment, this is the place where l have spent the most precious years of my life. It's no exaggeration to say that I have left my memories in every street of the city and it's like my blood and flesh.

17. Please describe your hometown a little.

My hometown is Damavand, a city which is located in the northeast of Tehran. Basically, it's a municipal city with modern transportation system. And it's quite renowned for its local food. I have to say every region has its famous food and it's hard to find authentic food of my hometown in other cities, so sometimes I really miss local food when I'm away.

18. Do you think you will continue living there for a long time?

No, since I’ m planning to have further education and future jobs in bigger cities like Tehran. I guess when I grow old, I will probably go back to my hometown and live there.

1. What’s your attitude toward jewelry?

Wearing jewelry is not part of my everyday life. For me, pieces of jewelry are luxury items and a fashion statement.

2. What kind of jewelry you like to buy?

I have no experience buying any type of jewelry. I have wrist watches that I occasionally wear, but they were presents from my parents and my aunt for my previous birthdays.

3. Why so many people choose to buy expensive pieces of jewelry?

One is because a pricey piece of jewelry says something about their economic status and serves as a fashion statement. For some people, it is a good investment which can be a source of instant cash when rough times come.

4. How often do you wear jewelry?

Rarely do I wear any piece of jewelry. I only wear a piece of jewelry during special occasions when I need to pair one up with clothes. Other than those, I do not see any need to wear jewelry.

1. Have you ever been to a concert before?

No. I haven't been to a concert before, even though I'd like to listen to live music. Because in Iran, buying a ticket for a concert will cost me an arm and a leg. Right now, I cannot afford it.

2. When do you listen to music?

Whenever I feel tired or bored. I think music has a certain kind of power, it can make people temporarily forget daily pressure and trouble in life, and get a moment of relaxation.

3. What's your favorite kind of music?

Light music is my first choice. I feel light-hearted after listening to music. The lyrics are quite simple and the rhymes are good.

4. What kinds of music do you like to listen to?

I like various music, such as light music, piano music and the hip pop.

5. How much time do you spend listening to music every day?

It depends. when I feel tired and want some moments to refresh my mind, I will listen to music. So, it's about one hour a day.

1. How did your parents choose your name?

To be truthful, I’m not sure how they chose it; I’ve never asked them. I suppose it was just a name that they both liked, and maybe they thought it suited me.

2. Does your name have any special meaning?

I think it might do, but I don’t know what that meaning is; I’ve never looked it up. Maybe I’ll google it later today; you’ve made me curious to find out!

3. Is your name common or unusual in your country?

Yes, it’s quite a common name. I remember that there were two other people with the same name as me in my class at school.

4. If you could change your name, would you?

Not at all, I definitely wouldn’t. My name is part of my identity now, and it would feel strange to suddenly change it. I don’t think my friends and family would like that either.

5. Have you ever changed your name?

I have never changed my name and I will not, even in the future. I am fond of this name and it is really meaningful to me since my parents must have considered a lot to give me that name.

6. Why do so many people change their name?

I am not sure about other countries but in Vietnam, I think most people change their names because these names are not really appropriate nowadays.

7. Do you like your name?

Yeah, I love it. I think my parents were creative to have come up with this name. It’ s one of their best gifts to me.

8. What kinds of names are popular in Iran?

Names which have positive meanings and at the same time sound pleasing to the ear often become popular.